Malaria is a condition that is spread due to the bites of an infected female anopheles mosquito. It is the condition that is usually seen to be affected by people from the tropical regions. The prevention of malaria would be possible only if a person can avoid getting bitten by the mosquito that spreads the disease. It is expected from the pregnant ladies and children not to travel to places that are under the threat of being affected by malaria outbreaks. The tropical areas provide the perfect damp and warm condition for these mosquitoes to multiply and spread, making it a common disease in countries from Asia and Africa. Malaria statistics in Africa shows that it is the region where Malaria is most widespread.

People who are planning to travel abroad are expected to know more about the condition so that they could take the necessary precautions to prevent the occurrence of the disease while on travel. The information regarding the disease can be obtained by getting in touch either with the World Health Organisation or the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. They would be able to help you and suggest the medication that you should keep with yourself while making an international travel so that in case you are affected by the condition, you can cure it in time using the medication.

One of the best preventive methods for malaria is preventing mosquito bites. Only the female anopheles mosquitoes have the ability to spread the infection. One of the preventive measures that can be taken include the following

Wear protective clothing

You shoudl wear protective clothing so that you are safe from the bites of mosquitoes. You should make sure that your hands and legs are covered.

Use mosquito nets

Use of mosquito nets can be a good way to prevent from the mosquito bite. If the net is soaked in insecticides like deltamethrin or permethrin, it would improve the ability of the net to prevent the mosquitoes from biting.

Stay indoors

Staying indoors once it is dark in air-conditioned or screened rooms would prevent the mosquitoes from entering and spreading the disease.

Use insect repellents

Insect repellents can come handy to keep away the mosquitoes. DEET is one of the repellents that are suggested to be one of the best for this purpose. If the content of DEET is just ten to thirty present in the repellent solution, it is suitable for children who are older than two months.

Use flying-insect stray

Flying-insect spray can be used inside the house to get rid of the mosquitoes that are present inside.

Avoid traveling to places where you might have malaria

If you are someone who is at high risk of being contracted by malaria due to factors such as age, pregnancy, and immune system, it is better to avoid travelling to places that are known for the presence of malaria.

There are other methods that would help in preventing the spread of malaria such as the use of antimalarial medicines, protective clothing that would keep you away from the mosquitoes, and the use of aerosol insecticides to keep the mosquitoes away from your homes. Make sure to learn everything about the condition so that you can take proper preventive methods which would result in eliminating you being at the risk of the condition.