Author: Daniel Burkhalter

How to Protect Yourself During Flu Season

The flu is a common name for influenza, a highly contagious respiratory virus causing seasonal epidemic every year. For most people, the flu is not a dramatic health issue. It can hit hard, but most patients deal with it within two weeks leaning on their immune system. However, some groups of people, such as pregnant women, young children or people older than 65, as well as patients with compromised immune system and various chronic diseases, are at high risk. Influenza often causes severe symptoms and damage among these patients, potentially leading to the fatal outcome. Fortunately, there are many...

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Main Reasons to Use Online Pharmacies in the UK

When it comes to solving your health issues, there’s no doubt that nothing can replace traditional approach including thorough examination by a trusted doctor, the full spectrum of required diagnostic procedures and finally adequately prescribed medications and treatment. Also, when it comes to solving serious health issues, most people won’t spare time or money. However, modern life imposes busy schedule and various health care systems provide various quality of the services, often depending on the patient’s insurance policy. Sometimes, there are mild conditions and common health issues that don’t require such a rigorous approach and can be handled over...

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Online Pharmacies in the UK – Pros and Cons

Having a team of medical experts and pharmacists few clicks away from you providing you full consultation, prescription and drug delivery to your address sound like an ideal way of going through the health system without spending too much time and money. This model exists for real in the form of many online pharmacies available on the web. The online pharmacies have influenced health care system significantly, enabling many patients to purchase their treatments via these shortcuts. However, online pharmacies, like everything else on the web, tend to be a risky terrain. The Internet is overloaded with various scams,...

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