The flu is a common name for influenza, a highly contagious respiratory virus causing seasonal epidemic every year. For most people, the flu is not a dramatic health issue. It can hit hard, but most patients deal with it within two weeks leaning on their immune system. However, some groups of people, such as pregnant women, young children or people older than 65, as well as patients with compromised immune system and various chronic diseases, are at high risk. Influenza often causes severe symptoms and damage among these patients, potentially leading to the fatal outcome. Fortunately, there are many easy steps and simple methods you may use to protect yourself during flu seasons.

Vaccination is still the best protection

Getting vaccinated against influenza every year few months before the flu season hits is still the best manner to protect yourself from flu. The season usually occurs during winter days, but you may get your flu shot in September and stay protected as well. The vaccines are safe, effective and designed to boost the response of your immune system when it faces flu germs. People who belong to previously listed risky categories are particularly advised to take vaccines. Since influenza viruses show significant variations and mutations, getting a new shot every year is necessary. Also, immunity gained via vaccines offers a year lasting protection in this case. Our online pharmacy is registered supplier in the UK, so you may purchase your vaccines in our store.

Ways of preventing disease from spreading

There are many habits, rituals, simple actions you can use to protect yourself from the flu and to protect others from yourself if it happens to get you. Start with a golden rule: if you do get sick, take the time to get better truly. Stay at home and prevent others from contracting the disease from you. Same goes the other way. Avoid close contact with those who are sick or avoid close contact in general during the flu season. Good personal hygiene is essential. Cover mouth when coughing and sneezing or cough into your sleeve. Use clean handkerchieves and wash your hands regularly.

Boost your immunity with our products

Wide collection of various supplements, immunity boosters, vitamins and other health and wellness products designed to keep your immune system strong during the flu season, are available in our online pharmacy. Purchase some of these and go through the flu season fully protected.